Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Welcome to the Alexander Record II Site!!

Hi all! Here, I will be posting all kinds of neat stuff, including info on the family, pictures, updates and so forth. Hopefully, somewhere, Rev Dr John Edmiston Alexander is smiling!

**Robert Dean (Bob) Alexander and his wife LuAnn are making the trek to Edinburgh, Scotland in a month or so, at the Gathering of the Clans. I wish them a fun time & I'm sure they will do just that. I have to tell you that they were the most gracious hosts to me a couple weeks back, as we toured the San Diego Zoo and I gained another 10 lbs at their fav (now mine, as well) Italian Restaurant. As I told Bob: If you should ever find yourself in Edinburgh and want some Italian cusine, go to the best Italian restaurant in Britain; it's located across the street from the Children's Theater (o.k., Theatre to the Brits). So you know, Bob is dropping off a copy of the Alexander Record II at the Library of Scotland in Edinburgh.

**Also, not to be outdone, I shall be jetting to Dublin, Ireland next month as well. I will take a train and/or bus to County Armagh, North Ireland (UK). Yes, there will be plenty of pictures!

**If I remember, I'll post my daughter Susan's blog address (link it as well)

**If anyone would like, you may send me pictures of yourself if you are related to us in any way. That would be so cool.