Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Welcome to the Alexander Record II Site!!

Hi all! Here, I will be posting all kinds of neat stuff, including info on the family, pictures, updates and so forth. Hopefully, somewhere, Rev Dr John Edmiston Alexander is smiling!

**Robert Dean (Bob) Alexander and his wife LuAnn are making the trek to Edinburgh, Scotland in a month or so, at the Gathering of the Clans. I wish them a fun time & I'm sure they will do just that. I have to tell you that they were the most gracious hosts to me a couple weeks back, as we toured the San Diego Zoo and I gained another 10 lbs at their fav (now mine, as well) Italian Restaurant. As I told Bob: If you should ever find yourself in Edinburgh and want some Italian cusine, go to the best Italian restaurant in Britain; it's located across the street from the Children's Theater (o.k., Theatre to the Brits). So you know, Bob is dropping off a copy of the Alexander Record II at the Library of Scotland in Edinburgh.

**Also, not to be outdone, I shall be jetting to Dublin, Ireland next month as well. I will take a train and/or bus to County Armagh, North Ireland (UK). Yes, there will be plenty of pictures!

**If I remember, I'll post my daughter Susan's blog address (link it as well)

**If anyone would like, you may send me pictures of yourself if you are related to us in any way. That would be so cool.

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  1. I received a download of two pdf files of the Alexander Family, courtesy Mike Epperson (born Alexander). Please let me know if you're interested in seeing how some folks we didn't even know we were related to are, indeed, part of the family, proven via dna testing!
    Special thanks to Mike. Also, got the good news today that Bob Alexander has received the Alexander Record II (pdf format) and it loads great.